Welcome fellow African National.

What's our story?

A group of likeminded premium merchandise consumers one evening over dinner chatted over the average value spent on international products each month.

The amounts were quite large individually and when combined, it was a helluva lot.

We knew there were many more of us out there and could not comprehend the real value going abroad. Surely South Africa has great local products, we thought.

Then the question was raised, "Name one?" There was silence. No one could truthfully answer the question. So over the next month we actively tried finding great local merchandise. We found many but inaccessible to their target audience.

This coupled with active searching and limited logistics. We couldn't sit back and let the glory of "Premium" only be awarded to Americans and Europeans alone. 

Premium consumers require an easy accessible market place to suit their busy lifestyle. 

And so, African National was born.

We know Africa has great local products and we aim to take this to all our fellow African Nationals that enjoy shopping premium. 

Does Africa have a Premium Product Market?
Ofcourse we do! We might be thought of as an undeveloped continent but we have found brilliant gems here that offer amazing products.

African National is a CAUSE. 

We ask you play your part in putting Africa on the map. 


If you have skills that you believe that can benefit the cause or know great local producers? Drop us a message, we would love to hear from you.

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Become part of the CAUSE, be an advocate, this will create jobs and build a better AFRICA for us all.

Together we will put Africa on the Global Premium Market!